SmartPlant® (INtools®) Instrumentation Support

INtools® Setup

• Population of typical tables (I/O Type, Status, Inst. Types, Profiles, etc)
• Creation of plant hierarchy
• Creation of naming conventions (CS Tag, Tag number, etc)
• Access right hierarchy
• Customized Client specific training manuals


INtools® Full Version Upgrades

• Identification of future versions differences. Implementation of upgrades
• Smartloop to Enhanced Smartloop upgrades
• QA/QC, Testing, Training & Support

INtools® Project Audits / Watchdog

• Ensuring applicable engineering workflows are followed
• Minimum required field audits
• Ensuring proper revision sequence
• Access right management


Customized INtools® Training Manuals / Training
(Certified INtools Trainer)

• Creation of client specific training manuals
• Provision of client specific training


Data Migration to INtools® (Excel, Access, CAD, etc)

• Transfer of CAD type loop drawing to INtools
• Transfer of Excel or Access type data sheets to INtools
• Photo surveying to confirm exisiting infestructure
• INtools to INtools transfers
• Database transfers to INtools

Customized Reports / Data Extraction

• Creation of client specific queries / viewing tools
• Creation of snapshot reports for specific tasks


Proficient Data Incorporation
(Instrument Index, Datasheets, Wiring, etc.)

• Efficient datasheet markup incorporation
• Efficient loop / panel creation based on engineering documents


Customized INtools® Reports & Templates

• Creation of client specific datasheet forms
• Creation of client specific wiring templates
• Customization of report title blocks


INtools® Redlining Services

• Day to Day efficient redline incorporation (Datasheets, Loop Drawings, etc) to INtools®
• Revision control